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Paw-gress Continues!

High School Cafeteria Expansion

The new serving area of the cafeteria expansion project is showing great progress! The streamlined design will make the most efficient use of the space, allowing students to easily access menu items and move through the stations more quickly.

In preparation for pouring the concrete floor slab, the surface area was compacted, pretreated for termites and a moisture-barrier layer was added.

Baseball Field Drainage System

The installation of the new irrigation and drainage system at the high school baseball field is complete! The new sod infield is scheduled to be installed when the outdoor temperature and weather cooperate.

Early Childhood Education Center

As part of Design Package 2 of the 2022 Bond Projects, pending construction approvals, the new Early Childhood Education Center is scheduled to break ground soon on the elementary campus!

Early Childhood Education Center Architectural Rendering.

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