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Think Spring as a Building Blooms

2022 Bond Project – Early Childhood Center

With the community's support for expanding early childhood education opportunities through the 2022 Bond, we are excited to share our construction progress on the Early Childhood Center. Despite the steep rise in construction costs since 2022, we are on track to open this new facility in the fall of 2025. The Early Childhood Center will feature expanded classroom spaces to grow preschool programs, new educational technology integrated throughout, age-appropriate furnishings and learning environments, enhanced security features and flexibility for future program growth.

While navigating the increased costs of construction materials, the district has preserved the project scope and priorities. Our goal of providing more families with high-quality preschool options right here in our district will be realized. We look forward to opening this wonderful new Early Childhood Center and better serving our preschool students.

An all-hands-on-deck approach keeps things running smoothly at the job site. It takes leadership, coordination and the skilled trades crews working together to achieve project goals.

High School Cafeteria Addition

Now that most of the commercial kitchen equipment is in place, the cleaning crews are hard at work getting everything spick-and-span for staff training in April!

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