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April Adventures in Construction

2022 Bond Project – High School Cafeteria Addition

There is already enough activity going on in the high school cafeteria without the staff having to worry about how the new equipment works. Thanks to the owner training coordinated by our bond construction partners and Chef Nick Ciraulo from Phoenix Marketing Inc., the food service staff enjoyed a complete walk-through of the servery area and received training on how to properly use and take full advantage of the new equipment on April 18th. One piece of equipment that the staff and students are very excited about is the new pizza conveyer oven, which will speed up and streamline one of the most popular lunch options on the menu!

2022 Bond Project – Early Childhood Center

Everywhere you look, visible progress is being made inside and outside at the new Early Childhood Center! From painting the structural steel to continuing the exterior brickwork, the job site is a busy place.  While insulation and masonry walls are going up in the Gross Motor Room, plenty of work continues as crews rough-in the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems.

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