PROPOSAL 1 (Passed)

PROPOSAL 2 (Failed)



Rendering - Early Childhood Education Ce

Proposed Project

  • Space to Expand Preschool Programs in the District
    Located North of Later Elementary School

  • New technology

  • New flexible, modern furnishings

  • New security features with secured entrances 

  • Modern educational spaces

  • Designed for future flexibility

An Early Childhood Education Center in Paw Paw would house new and existing preschool programs for 3- and 4-year-old children. The purpose of this center would be to move us closer to our goal of assuring that preschool programs are available to all children in the Paw Paw School District and surrounding area.

Early childhood education helps reduce education equity gaps that exist for children. Children attending these programs have a far better chance of entering Kindergarten on track and ready to learn. Furthermore, having early childhood education programs in place in our district should have a positive impact on school enrollment.

The planned location for an Early Childhood Center would be just north of the Later Elementary School on the Paw Paw Elementary Campus.

Current "Early Childhood" Programs at Cedar Street




Early Elementary

  • New classroom addition

  • Classroom flooring replacement

  • Replace classroom furniture

  • Classroom electrical infrastructure upgrades

  • Replace select playground equipment

  • Replace select door hardware

  • Install additional security cameras and features

  • Roof replacement

  • Replace select unit ventilators

  • Select building controls system upgrades

  • Upgrade select food service equipment


Later Elementary

  • New classroom addition

  • Replace classroom furniture

  • Replace select playground equipment

  • Install additional security cameras and features

  • Select roof replacement

  • Select building controls system upgrades

  • Upgrade select food service equipment

Current Elementary Conditions




Proposed Projects

  • Replace classroom furniture

  • Install additional electrical circuits in classrooms, replace outdated electrical panels

  • Technology upgrades

  • Install additional security cameras and features

  • Install gas shut-off valves outside of science classrooms

  • Renovate locker room shower rooms

  • Single-pane window system replacement

  • Replace classroom unit ventilators

  • Replace gymnasium air handling unit

  • Building controls system upgrades

  • Replace gymnasium bleachers

  • Renovate kitchen and servery

  • Upgrade select food service equipment

  • Replace south parking lot asphalt


Current Middle School Conditions



2021 05 07 PPHS Multipurpose Space Inter

Proposed Projects

  • Replace classroom furniture

  • STEM lab renovation

  • Install additional security cameras and features

  • Install gas shut-off valves outside of science classrooms

  • Re-keying of doors

  • Large event space for variety of functions

  • Athletics competition space

  • Additional practice space and locker rooms

  • Walking track

  • Building controls system upgrades

  • Replace gymnasium portable wall

  • Replace gymnasium backboard motors

  • Cafeteria addition for increased capacity

  • Upgrade select food service equipment

  • Replace select parking lot asphalt

  • Additional parking and drive improvements to support better site inflow and egress


New Multipurpose Addition

Gym space in the high school is at a premium in the winter months, with practices for some high school teams generally running past 9:00 p.m. on most days in order to accommodate all six high school basketball teams (freshman boys/girls, JV boys/girls, and varsity boys/girls). Gym space is not available to the school’s competitive cheer team, which must therefore practice in the cafeteria on a daily basis, which is not always available. Furthermore, seating capacity in the high school gym is not sufficient to accommodate crowds for many MHSAA sanctioned tournaments and other large-scale activities such as regional robotics competitions, thus preventing PPPS from realizing the benefits of hosting such events.

A new indoor multipurpose facility would address these needs, providing floor space equivalent to three full-size basketball courts and enough bleachers to seat 2000 spectators. Adding this facility would provide adequate space for all athletic teams to conduct practices in a reasonable time frame after school. This space would also be available to other programs for activities requiring a large indoor space, including robotics, Science Olympiad, and community trade shows. In addition, a walking track and fitness room will be included to allow for year-round indoor training and fitness opportunities for students, athletes, and community members. 

Current High School Conditions



W&H Festival Parade 2018_26.jpg

Cedar Street Community +
Family Center

  • Replace select classroom furniture

  • Install additional security cameras and features

  • Construct ramp to replace stairs at playground

  • Replace corridor cubbies with metal lockers

  • Replace select classroom unit ventilators

  • Replace gymnasium and cafeteria air handling units

  • Select building controls system upgrades

  • Asphalt drive upgrades and parking additions

  • Upgrade select food service equipment



Athletic Sites

  • Renovation of restrooms under bleachers, track upgrades, and drainage system installations at Falan Field

  • Tennis court replacement at High School

  • Baseball/softball restrooms and concessions at High School

  • Upgrade baseball field drainage at High School

Athletic Site Upgrades

Administration Building

  • Replace of entry storefront system

  • Building control system upgrades

  • Restroom renovations

  • New furniture

Administration Building

Transportation & Maintenance

  • Mechanical equipment replacement

  • Purchase of buses


PROPOSAL 2 (Failed)


New Multipurpose Stadium

  • New athletic field and track

  • Bleachers systems

  • Stadium entry and ticket facility

  • Team room facilities 

  • Concessions / restroom facility

  • Additional exit drive from High School site

PPHS Aerial Photo - w Athletics.png

New Multipurpose Stadium:

Currently, all high school football games, as well as high school track practices and competitions, take place on our middle school campus, at Falan Field. There are some negative aspects to this location:

  • Accessibility for high school programs is very limited (e.g., marching band, PE classes)

  • Students/athletes are required to travel from the high school to the middle school  campus for daily practices/competitions

  • Parking at Falan Field is inadequate/unsafe for large events (e.g., Friday night football games)


A new multi-purpose stadium constructed on the high school campus would allow for PPPS students and district residents to realize the following benefits:

  • The location would allow for greater accessibility for all HS programs

  • Would eliminate student-athlete travel for practices and home competitions

  • Stadium facilities would be on par (or better) than those at other schools in the league/area

  • Safe parking arrangements, as there will be adequate spaces for large events in the on-site parking lots

  • Because the field would be artificial turf, maintenance would be minimal and field use/availability would be high due to the low-level impact of cold and/or wet weather

  • Note: With a new stadium on the high school campus, Falan Field would continue to be maintained and available for the following:

    • Middle school programs and athletic events (football, track, etc.)

    • Youth sports competitions (e.g., Flag/Rocket football)

    • Community events